Do you hear about pussycat massage for the first time? This erotic massage is as exciting as its name. Hot seductive touches of a nude masseuse you can kiss all over her body! The massage begins with a relaxing shower with a sexy masseuse of your choice. During the massage, the masseuse focuses entirely on you, but you can actively participate by kissing and touching the body of the masseuse.

The end of the massage is enhanced by the incredibly sexy position 69, where the masseuse focuses on your intimate part. During the massage, the masseuse uses warm natural oil and all her knowledge and skills to an amazing orgasm, which can be one of many, because the number of orgasms during the massage is unlimited.

We recommend this massage to men who want not only to be passive, but also to actively offer the pleasure and enjoy the body of the masseuse by touching and kissing.

This seductive massage is also available with two masseuses of your choice.

pussycat massage
  • 1. Relaxing warm shower together with masseuse before and after massage.
  • 2. Sensual full body massage with hot oil, while which the masseuse slowly slides with her body along yours using the outstanding techniques of touch.
  • 3. You can touch and KISS the whole body.
  • 4. The masseuse is naked all the time.
  • 5. Deep penis massage including balls massage in 69 position by hands with happy ending. The number of orgasms during a massage is not limited.
60 min2500 Kč105 €125 $
90 min3500 Kč146 €175 $
120 min4500 Kč188 €225 $