Body to body erotic massage


  • 1. Relaxing warm shower together with masseuse before and after massage.
  • 2. Sensual full body massage with hot oil, while which the masseuse slowly slides with her body along yours using the outstanding techniques of touch
  • 3. The masseuse is naked all the time.
  • 4. You can touch the whole body.
  • 5. Intimate zone massage including balls massage by hands with happy ending. The number of orgasms during a massage is not limited.
30 min1700 Kč74 €
60 min2200 Kč96 €
90 min2900 Kč127 €
120 min3800 Kč166 €

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Body to body erotic massage is an extremely exciting variant of erotic massage. Before starting the massage you will enjoy an erotic shower with an attractive and naked masseuse of your choice. The massage itself is done by a masseuse of sensual movements that will bring you to the top of your pleasure. The imagination and originality of masseuse techniques is focused on your pleasure. The masseuse will pamper you and the touch of your two bodies will excite you incredibly.The climax is a natural part and does not mean the end of the massage, the number of climbs is not limited. During the massage you can touch the masseuse, but all the attention will be focused on you, in the end also on your penis including the testicles. During the massage, the masseuse uses warm body oil, making the movement of the bodies slippery and even more erotic.

Body to body massage is recommended for intensive contact with the masseuse body, in addition to more excitement and eroticism also brings a sense of belonging and love.

Do you dream of two women at the same time? Erotic body to body massage is also available with two masseuses!

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